The Film Fest

Granada, thanks to its fascinating history and exceptional geographical location, makes a magnificent film set. Our beautiful city is also an extraordinary place to hold a cinema event, encounters between young professionals and the public, of the calibre of the INTERNATIONAL YOUNG FILMMAKERS FESTIVAL OF GRANADA 

We are very aware of the positive evolution and attention that this event has enjoyed for years, not only at the local level but also at the regional, national and international levels, which has made it a referent among European festivals devoted to short films and the work of young filmmakers.  

Our ambition is to contribute in a decisive way to making Granada a city in which cinematographic and audiovisual culture and production play a larger and larger role. We are working to make this happen .We want to export GRANADA to the four corners of the earth and we are doing everything in our hands to make this possible.

We encourage all of you to participate in this year’s INTERNATIONAL YOUNG FILMMAKERS FESTIVAL OF GRANADA. You will find little gems to everyone’s liking, a wide variety of contents in which people of all types and all ages will find something to delight them. I am sure that the works screened will move you, amuse you and also make you think.